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Thoughtful Gifts from Bride to Groom at Gift Exchange

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

You’ve sorted the wedding venue, the caterers are ready, the DJ is ready to rock the crowd, and your dad and mom have already jetted in. What else do you need?

A gift.

“Wait, I’ve already gotten those for the wedding party”.

Well, we are not talking about the wedding party. We are talking about your groom.

The bride and groom gift exchange has been a long-held tradition among many couples. Gifting your loved one with something on the wedding morning, eve, or end of the day can help enforce your love for each other.

That is the entire reason why you’ve gone through so much hassle to have your wedding in the first place.

So, what should you get your handsome groom? A wrist watch?

C’mon. That’s too cliché (but if he still fancies a Rolex telling time for him, why not?)

This piece will help you think outside the box. So if you’re ready to tingle your creative, read on.

1.      Effy Men’s Woven Bracelet


Sterling silver and leather men’s woven bracelet,

The wedding budget has already devoured your bank account. But if you still have a sizeable dime to spare, then you can consider getting him this woven bracelet from Effy.

And by consider, we’re talking $350 on the price tag.

Yes, that’s a lot. But for something that will last a long while, it’s worth it.

This silver and leather woven bracelet can be worn with any casual wear. And thanks to its rugged build, it’s built to last several anniversaries and baby showers before you can consider getting him a new one.

And thanks to the stylish silver finish, this bracelet won’t look off when he’ll wear it with his suits to work.

2.      Men’s Passport Case


Perry Ellis Men’s Passport Case,

Let’s be a little bit forgiving of your bank account. This men’s passport case will be a thoughtful gift to your groom while still being affordable and not cheap looking.

More importantly, it will come in handy when he’ll be making his numerous business or work trips.

But that’s thinking too far. Start with the honeymoon.

As far as affordability is concerned, this passport case retails for $24.99. And yes, it’s 100% leather, has two compartments for different currencies, and can carry up to four passport cards.

3.      Accessories Gift Set


Personalized Modern Gentleman Accessory Gift Set, "".

You might want to slightly disrupt his dress code on the wedding morning. Or rather, you might want to add a few accessories to his wardrobe. No matter the case, this might be the gift set you’re looking for.

This personalized modern gentleman accessory gift set comes with a tie clip, 4 pairs of collar stay, square cufflinks, a round marble tray, a money clip, and a black top gift box.

And the icing on the cake is that you can have each item personalized with your groom’s name – this is including the gift box.

At what price? $64.39.

4.      Wood, Sage and Sea Salt Cologne


Joe Malone London Cologne,

Men are into fragrance. And if you think about it, probably his cologne is one of the reasons why you fell head over heels for him.

Now that you are about to have your nuptials, why not get him a signature cologne that he’ll remember you with while chasing other preying girls away?

This Joe Malone Wood, Sage, and Sea Salt cologne might be your best pick.

The cologne is designed to create an energetic, spirited, and joyful mood. The sage fragrance forms the base, the middle is filled with sea salt goodness, and the top fragrance smells of good ambrette seeds.

And just in case he still wants to use his old cologne, Joe Malone’s can be worn on top of another. All this at a price point of $70.

5.      Stainless Steel Cigar Case and Flask


Personalized Cigar Case and Flask,

He loves to smoke and carries his booze around. Why not get him the best of both worlds?

This personalized cigar case and flask does the job of holding his cigar intact while storing a bit of booze to keep him active during the day.

“But it looks so small.”

Yes, this is not designed to carry a bottle of booze or at least half of it as a hip flask would. You can only squeeze in 1.5 ounces of his favorite liquor – which is enough to get him going.

More importantly, the stainless steel build and finish gives this item a stylish look. And thanks to its small size, it’ll hide perfectly in his suit waiting for the end of the vows and the start of the party.

This one goes for $32.95.

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