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Tips: COVID-19 and Your Wedding Day

Updated: May 12, 2020

As we’ve all seen on the news, the spread of the COVID-19 virus is causing a lot of unknown and fear in the community. We want to assure all of Natalie's Brides that we have been in contact with CDC experts on this situation and closely monitoring it. There are tips from the CDC on how to stay healthy and avoid exposure.

1. Remain calm. 2. Proceed as you normally would but start to think of possible Plan B options. 3. Review all vendor contracts for reschedule or cancellation options. I am happy to assist you with this! 4. Consider purchasing event insurance. It is relatively cheap and you can usually purchase it through your existing insurance agency. WedSure and Markel Insurance are also good resources for event insurance. Be sure to always read the fine print and details carefully to know what they cover, when, and how. 5. If you don't have them already, start obtaining guest email addresses on your RSVP tracker. This way, if something were to change, you can quickly relay information to your guests without scrambling. 6. Add some verbiage to your wedding website about travel safety and maybe a word of caution for those to decline the invitation if they have been exposed, are at high risk, or feeling ill. 7. Check on your wedding dress & bridesmaid dresses. China manufactures 80% of these gowns and they have been shut down for this outbreak. Check with the shop you purchased your gowns at and create a Plan B for your attire, if necessary. We know that many vendors in the St. Louis-area are taking precaution with this pandemic and are all understanding this fluid situation. The best thing to remember is to stay calm and know we are here to help!

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