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How to postpone your wedding day

During these uncertain days, many couples are having to postpone or even cancel their wedding days. Unsure of where to begin, we wanted to offer a few tips on a smooth transition as you change your original plans.

First, it’s important not to stress. Take a deep breath and remember that your wedding day will still be about the love of you and your future spouse. No matter what day. 

Next, it's important to remember that postponing or cancelling your wedding has different consequences. The decision you make not only affects your plans, but it affects your family, guests and vendors. 

To cancel or postpone your wedding?


We cannot stress this enough. Rescheduling your wedding may not have been in your original plans, but it will most likely make the most financial sense. If you cancel, you risk losing out on deposits and other items outlined in your various vendor contracts. By postponing your wedding, you are more likely to be able to work with your vendor to move your original contract to a new date. 

The sooner, the better.

If you’re questioning at all whether or not to postpone your wedding day, we recommend you start the process of reaching out to your vendors to see what is available. The sooner you inquire about rescheduling your wedding, the easier it will be to coordinate with vendors and family. Begin by asking your venue for alternative dates so you can cross-check availability with everyone involved. 

Contact your guests. 

As soon as you’ve made the decision to postpone your wedding, begin to contact your guests and let them know of the change. If you have time, you can send out “change the date” cards to your guests. However, a simple text message or email will suffice during these times. Be sure to utilize your wedding website to communicate these changes. 

Rethink the details. 

If you have to postpone your wedding from one season to another, it may be important to rethink your details. Did you originally plan for a springtime wedding but now will have a winter wedding? Consider updating your vision to match the new season. Acquiring springtime florals in winter may cause you additional expense. 

And lastly…Make the best of it. 

When your original wedding day comes around, take the day to celebrate you and your loved one. Make the day special. Have a date night in. Go on a road trip in your own town. Do something to remind yourself why you fell in love to begin with. 

We promise when you walk down the aisle it will be just as magical as originally planned. 

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