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What to do as an engaged couple on Valentine's Day

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Valentine’s Day is just a few days away.

Whether it's your first Valentine’s Day as an engaged couple or as newlyweds, it’s important to take the opportunity to celebrate your love for one another this Valentine’s Day.

Here are a few tips from Natalies Brides on how to make your first Valentine’s Day as an engaged couple special.

Pop some champagne!

Celebrate the day like you just got engaged! Pop open some bubbly and share with your special someone all the reasons why you fell in love with them.

Create a fun tradition

Celebrating the holidays as a soon-to-be married couple can be the perfect chance to create new, fun traditions. Start a new tradition by dressing up in cocktail attire and enjoy a romantic dinner at home. To make it even more special - dance in your living room to your first dance song together.

Rest & Relax

Wedding planning can be stressful. Take the day off from planning and enjoy each other’s company. Go for a walk in the park. Get massages. Go see a movie. Just enjoy time relaxing with your fiance.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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