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Planning a Wedding during a Pandemic

Unique ways to stay safe and have fun during wedding planning

At Natalies Brides, we do everything we can to help prevent any mishaps or surprises during your wedding planning experience and on the big day. However, even though we are awesome at what we do, we still don’t have a looking glass to help us predict the future.

As our couples are having to adjust their plans for their wedding days due to COVID-19, we wanted to share some unique ways to stay safe and move forward with your big day.

Get creative

If you are determined to host your wedding with the CDC guidelines in place, we suggest getting creative in how you encourage your guests to social distance and wear a mask. Display signage with fun sayings like, “wear a mask, but make it fabulous” or “make the love last, give me 6ft.” Provide your guests with custom-made masks featuring your wedding hashtag and logo. Skip the drink coozie and offer your guests mini hand sanitizers personalized for your special day.

Go for a minimony

With the ever changing CDC, local and State guidelines for large gatherings due to COVID-19, it's hard to predict if you will be able to have a full reception and ceremony without masks, social distancing and with a full guest list for your wedding. If these are items you would rather not have to worry about, we suggest having a “minimony” on the originally scheduled date and host the large ceremony and reception when it’s safe. A minmony is a small, intimate ceremony with less than 10 guests to legally get married on your original wedding day.

Stay stress-free!

We know that’s difficult to do during these uncertain times, but hiring professional help to plan your big day will help eliminate much of your stress. Allow Natalies Brides to help guide you through your planning process - whether its just beginning or having to start from scratch. We know how important your wedding is and how important it is to keep yourself and all of your guests safe. We are happy to help discuss all of your options!

Remember: Wash Your Hands & Wear a Mask!

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