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Microeconomics By Hl Ahuja.pdf fortgal




are often used interchangeably in economic analysis. Unfortunately, the two theories are somewhat distinct. Here we attempt to clarify this topic and to put some basic concepts of micro and macroeconomics in the forefront. This is for the benefit of the readers of the journal.... of an economy could be expressed in terms of average real income of various population groups, income distribution, size and/or rate of investment and the structure of consumption expenditure.1 The National Accounts2 lay down a framework for measuring economic activity. It captures the economic activity of the people living in a country into three major components (see Table 1) i.e. gross output, income and expenditure. For every period, the total value of these components is summed up to form Gross Domestic Product (GDP). This is usually broken down into its parts, namely, production, consumption and government expenditure.... This study has been conducted to assess the awareness, attitude and perception of cigarette use and health among the college students of Mizoram University, Aizawl, India. A self-administered questionnaire consisting of close-ended and open-ended questions was distributed to the entire college population. Awareness regarding health hazards, attitude towards cigarette use and opinion regarding smoking restrictions among smokers were assessed. The responses were obtained by personal interview with 253 respondents. Only 15.3% respondents were aware of adverse health effects of cigarette smoking. Majority (73.6%) of the students had never smoked cigarette and 15% smokers showed more than 10 years of smoking history. Awareness about health hazards of cigarette smoking was found more among male than female students. Only 15% of smokers agreed that smoking should be banned in every public place. Majority of the students (89.3%) showed positive attitude towards quitting smoking. Majority of the students (75.6%) felt that Government should take strong measures against cigarette smoking. The study concludes that the students were not aware about health hazards of cigarette smoking. Majority of the students had never smoked cigarette and a large proportion of smokers was concerned for quitting smoking.1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to power MOSFETs, and more particularly, to a power MOSFET having a trench structure. 2. Description of the Prior Art The MOSFETs have been commonly used in various electric power systems to reduce the power loss and for many applications as switching devices. The power MOSFETs can be found in different power applications, such as switching power supplies, DC-to-DC conver




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Microeconomics By Hl Ahuja.pdf fortgal

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